Featured Member: Courtney Robinson

The Pandemic wasn’t the only obstacle Courtney Robinson faced while running her personal stylist and image coaching business Image by Courtney. In 2021, doctors diagnosed her with meningiomas, a benign brain tumor, and she underwent intensive brain surgery on one of them. Additionally, a recent stroke greatly altered her priorities and approach to her work. 

“These challenges have taught me the value of resilience, self-care, and adaptability,” explained Courtney. “They have inspired me to approach my work holistically, not just focusing on external appearance but also promoting inner well-being. I am grateful for these experiences as they have made me a stronger, more compassionate, and mindful professional.”

Her business offers clients exclusive training, a six-week program to design the ultimate curated wardrobe, informational videos on how to transform your wardrobe without losing authenticity, and more. Every time she works with her clients, she loves seeing their confidence rise, finding creative personal solutions, and making a positive impact beyond appearances. 

Courtney’s advice for women looking to reach their style goals is to follow these principles: “Embrace diversity, stay informed, build meaningful relationships with clients, empower and educate them, maintain professionalism, show compassion, and continuously improve your skills,” she said. 

The future of Image by Courtney is to expand her services to include comprehensive confidence and success coaching. “With my untiring dedication to excellence and proven track record, Image by Courtney is poised to make a meaningful impact in the lives of my clients for years to come,” she said. Her business also found new support through her membership with the International Association of Women.

At IAW, Courtney found community locally through IAW’s Atlanta Local Chapter and globally through our online community. She also received a personal roadmap as an Influencer member, which will help her find resources, connections, mentors, and more to reach the next level for her business.

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