Featured Member: Ernestine Tucker

Building upon her experience with the pharmaceutical industry, Ernestine Tucker now shares her knowledge as a health and wellness coach.

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Making the Connection
I was inspired to be a health coach when working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Global Studies Leader. As you know, disease has no face and through clinical research, I realized that although some patients benefit from the investigational products, some experience adverse side effects that may or may not be related to the drug.

The more I learned about drug-drug interactions and how some medications deplete the micronutrients in the body, I became convinced that diets and lifestyle choices impact how well or sick one become. There began my journey into learning how the right food and customized nutritional support can heal the body.

In addition to food, my struggle with female issues opened my eyes to how much some women suffer in silence. This led me to join the “Now We No” campaign to bring awareness to the toxic ingredients in some feminine hygiene products. I am inspired to be an advocate for women through my work and life experiences, and the many people I am blessed to have met who shared their struggles and successes with me.

Sharing My Knowledge & Expertise
Due to the changing landscape of the healthcare industry, patients are now seeking alternative care and most of them are turning to the Internet for answers instead of their trusted healthcare professionals. In addition to being a health coach, I am trained as a nutraMetrix Consultant.

As a consultant, I implement customized wellness solutions at health professionals’ offices by really understanding the mission and vision of their practice(s) through a discovery meeting. In lieu of this, one of my areas of expertise is providing wellness consultation to healthcare professionals in order to complement conventional care with alternative solutions for a holistic and patient-centered approach to achieving optimal wellness.

My second area of expertise is providing education to women about feminine hygiene health. This led me to develop my site, flowgraciously.info. As an attendee at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual and Scientific Meeting (2018), I came across a poster that read, “I got to work; I sat down at my desk and I sneezed and I just felt it flowing out of me and I’m like, oh dear…I had to leave, go home and change.” Many women are too embarrassed globally to have conversations about their feminine issues and therefore are suffering in silence. It’s time to break the barriers and start conversation. This is where I bring forth information that most women shy away from hesitantly. Period!

Carpe Diem
The advice or tips I can offer other women is that it is okay to be different and stand up for what you believe in. We all have what it takes to be great. Find your passion, explore and take a chance when the window of opportunity opens up, find your true passion, seize the moment and let your voice be heard. There is no tomorrow but the here and now.

What is most rewarding about my career is the type of person I am being. I see myself as a messenger doing what I am meant to do in order to add value to someone’s life. Hearing testimonials from women whose lives I have touched, either for a moment or a lifetime, makes my life’s mission worthwhile. What is most challenging is not duplicating myself. Although I love what I do, it’s most rewarding to do it with others.

My future goals are to duplicate myself 100x over, impact the lives of over 1 million women around the world in my lifetime and beyond and form partnerships with more healthcare professionals so we can change the face of healthcare. I also see myself on the big stage delivering my message to the world. Imagine that, a girl who was once shy in high school now on the big stage. Amazing!

Making it Work!
I joined IAW because I saw the opportunities and benefits it has to offer. I realize that IAW membership works if you work it. What I mean is through IAW, women can form long-lasting friendships, network and get mentorship from other success women. By leveraging the tools and attending meetings and courses offered, women can gain insight into how to take their careers to the next level. These would only happen if you take the time to make the connections, ask for help and be true to what it is that you need.

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