Featured Member: Carolyn Greenleaf

Carolyn Greenleaf is a Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author, and CEO of Greenleaf Center for Healing. Her mission is to help individuals, business owners, and CEOs find their purpose and reclaim their authenticity to better their relationships. 

The Greenleaf Center opened in 2006 after she left the corporate world to pursue personal freedom. “I realized the lack of authenticity and the degree of fear was a major factor in the problems we are all experiencing. I am driven to help change that and help my clients reclaim their true power and joy,” she said. “We are a gift, and we are here to share our unique brilliance and talents with the world.”

The center offers clients workshops, consultations, courses, guided meditations, energetic healing, and more. She combines social sciences with her twenty years of training in spirituality, metaphysics, and energetic healing. Carolyn is also an Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity, a Reiki Master Teacher, and experienced in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Karuna Ki, Ra Sheeba, and Usui Shiki Ryoho.

While some clients are skeptical of her work at first, many leave rejuvenated and fulfilled. Her advice is to “be true to YOU! Trust that amazing, brilliant and powerful intuition that is within. You are the one who will lead the way for others to claim and honor their inner knowing, capacity to love, and nurture their loved ones and business, and communities in evolved and expansive ways.” It’s the most rewarding moment for her when clients “begin to ‘know’ the right answers for themselves. This starts a complete shift in who they are becoming – authentic and powerful” she explained. 

She hopes that in the future she will have the land and funds to build a school for children as part of the center. “This school would nurture the innate talents and gifts of every student, as well as engage them in problem-solving issues within their communities. We will teach true responsibility, respect, and appreciation for all. Meditation and yoga will also be part of daily practices,” says Carolyn. 

She also wants to develop a yearly mastermind retreat to Kauai Hawaii as an extension of her Hawaiian Hua studies. It will help clients “connect to their internal power and wisdom at deep levels, with the assistance of the land.” 

Supporting her business growth is her involvement in the International Association of Women. Through the resources, networking, and professional development, Carolyn found support every step of the way. “I’ve made some wonderful connections, actually there’s so many it’s hard to keep up” she said. “I think what I love most is the community that is always there.” Her advice to new members is to reach out, ask and connect.

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