Featured Member: Dr. Monique Flemings

Inspired by Her Son

I wanted to take all of my expertise and experiences as an Author, Coach, Speaker, Educator, Minister, Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur and place them in a business where I could serve people. After writing my book Mastering Transitions, I found my voice and my rhythm in helping others transition and win. As a mother of an exceptional child with autism, our son has been my greatest inspiration in learning to transition well. This was the beginning of my transition journey.

I am CEO of Monique Flemings Enterprises and a Transition Specialist Coach. I walk people through transition embracing the unknown and learning from seasons of uncertainty. As a Digital Educator, I recreate online courses to support healthy professional development and growth. My niche areas are leadership, transition, and personal development.

Do Not Fear Failure

Failure is your greatest platform. In the season of what appears to be a failure are hidden gems of creativity and brilliance. It is these seasons that life’s best lessons are learned.

I find it incredibly rewarding to see others hit their goals and succeed in life. That is priceless for me. I enjoy watching my clients triumph over painful seasons of transitions and learn to win. It is my pleasure to unlock women and assist them in seeing their true authenticity.

My future goals including continuing to help women find their voice and soar. This year, I am focused on helping women tell their story through my anthology projects.

IAW’s Winning Advantages

I have enjoyed IAW’s Leadership Learning Labs and the various teaching webinars. My advice to other IAW members is to take time to utilize the great resources – and that includes the people – that are available. We have some brilliant women at IAW who are just a quick click away.

Also, I would encourage all women to think globally. Begin to see yourself as a resource to the world….not just in your corner but globally as well.

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