Featured Member: Rose Walker turned her gift of helping into a career

Rose Walker took her gift for helping friends and family and turned it into a successful career.

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The Consummate Coach

I was always the family member or friend who everyone came to when they needed advice or guidance in their lives. Eventually, I realized I had been coaching people for years and had a passion for it. I decided to make a career change to become a relationship/life coach to empower individuals to have the best life they deserve and want.

I am the Owner of Relationship Empowerment Group, a source for personal growth with experienced coaching professionals who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. As a Relationship Coach, I specialize in coaching and guiding individuals on how to end relationships. Whether it involves romance, friendships or a career, I empower others to move on to the next phase of their lives.

Let It Go

My advice to clients and to anyone struggling with relationships in their life, is to not be afraid to let go. When you are unhappy and are not being fulfilled in your life, it’s okay to make changes that allow you to grow and/or start over.

I love what I do but I find the most challenging part is getting someone to realize that it’s time to let go. But, there are so many more satisfying aspects of my career. I find the most rewarding thing is helping people become empowered in their lives.

A Positive Future

I am very excited to announce that I have just finished a relationship book, Flying on the Same Plane. I plan to get the book published this year. I also hope to do more relationship/life conferences so I can help even more people find happiness in their lives and relationships.

Joining IAW has helped me since it enables me to network with women everywhere. It gives me a platform to share my passion of working with people. I advise other IAW members to network as much as possible and share what you do, because it can reach and help people everywhere.

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