Featured Member: Heather Dumas

Ready to ditch diet culture and love your body? Heather Dumas is the founder and CEO of HD Transformations, where high-achieving women can find health and lifestyle strategy coaching. She is not only qualified but passionate about supporting women’s body positivity and overall health. Heather is certified as a NASM Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, Les Mills Body Combat, and more! 

Her love of physical activity started young. As a child, she followed along with TV workouts like “Get in Shape Girl.” After a small detour in business, she launched into her passion for fitness by teaching group classes soon after her second child was born. Heather was hooked. She earned her certifications and took on more classes, working at six different gyms. But, soon the gyms began to close, and her female clients had nowhere to join her classes. 

The more she started to help her clients, friends, and family outside of a gym, the more her work grew until HD Transformations was born. “I saw a huge need for women who were doing all the things for everyone else, running the world, and running themselves into the ground in the process,” said Heather. The exclusively online platform offers women one-on-one weekly coaching and strategy meetings, blood analysis, hormone consultations, custom workouts, meal plans, accountability check-ins from the HDT cohort, and more. With continued support from her husband, an experienced coach, she hopes to expand her business to include other areas of coaching, sales, building relationships, and more. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help women find happiness, peace, and self-love. So many women come to me absolutely hating their bodies and how they feel. It’s heartbreaking because it’s not as complicated as we think to fix it,” explained Heather. However, she can’t do it for them. The hardest part of her job is when women can’t find it in themselves to believe their bodies are beautiful. “I’ve had several who flat-out gave up on themselves or who didn’t believe in themselves enough to change. It makes me crazy,” said Heather. 

Her advice is to be honest and stop saying you’re fine when you’re not. “Do as much for yourself as you do for others. The world can wait while you take care of your mind, body, and soul. It’s not selfish” she advised. When women do take the time to help themselves, they are also helping everyone around them. When Heather helps one of her clients, she isn’t just helping them. She also helps their family, friends, and coworkers. “I recognize that women tend to set the tone at home and work so I knew if I could help women change their lives, there would be a fantastic ripple effect. That’s exactly what has happened and it’s incredible to see how many lives I can positively affect by helping one powerful woman,” she said. 

Along with helping others, Heather is a brand new member of the IAW community and is helping form the Salt Lake City Local Chapter as their future President. She can’t wait to dive into the community and resources available to her and welcomes new connections. 

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