Featured Member: Kelenda Allen-James Uses Her Technology Skills to Help Others

Kelenda Allen-James uses her skills as a Nonprofit Technology Specialist to help others

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Paying It Forward

I always wanted to help others. The best use of my talents was to support organizations doing the work to help support and move society forward. As a Nonprofit Technology Specialist, I am able to bring affordable mission-based technology. This allows for less money to go to overhead and more funding to go to the mission of the organization.

My areas of expertise include project management, technology leadership and constructing technology strategic plans. I am currently the IT Support Manager at St. Hope Leadership Academy.

Room at the Table

Being a leader where you are is the first step toward being a change agent for your community. When you bring your best whole self to work you bring the ideas and perspective that are needed to move things forward. Even when my seat is not immediately at the table, I will stand next to that table until I am heard, because when any voice is missed, innovation and inspiration becomes slowed.

Career Challenges, Rewards and Goals

The most challenging part of my career is finding all the stakeholders at the beginning of an initiative. Some of the most affected stakeholders are not always the obvious.

The most rewarding part is when my efforts affect an individual’s life. If the data I provide allows a student’s family to improve their scholar’s attendance, or the savings I generate by converting telephone services to VoIP allows for more funding for permanent housing to an additional person, all my efforts were worth it.

As to the future, I will continue to work to increase the conversations the nonprofit community is having about how technology can move their missions forward.

The Impact of IAW Membership

IAW has allowed me to meet amazing women across multiple disciplines. My interactions with them expand my horizons and provide the mind shifts needed to provide new ideas in my discipline.

My advice to other members is to plan time in your schedule to engage with the IAW community, local chapters and resources. This will allow you to get the most from your IAW membership.

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