Featured Member: Mardi Winder-Adams

As a divorce mediator for years, Mardi Winder-Adams saw the emotional and financial toll divorce took on women. She particularly noticed how women leaders felt the brunt of it. “It was a natural step to shift from divorce mediation to divorce coaching,” explained Mardi. “It is my passion and my purpose.”

The transition to divorce coaching culminated in the foundation of her business, Positive Communication System, LLC. Her practice focuses on supporting high-achieving women navigating the complexities of divorce. Everything from choosing the ideal attorney, reducing financial stress, and strategizing for the future is covered in her services. 

“I find it most rewarding when women step up, ask for what they need and want, and open up to seeing divorce as an opportunity to grow instead of a failure. They start to make changes and find themselves again through the process.” 

For those women currently experiencing divorce, Mardi hosts a podcast called “The D Shift: Redefining Divorce and Beyond.” Each episode provides inspiration, motivation, and education for women. You can listen to her most recent episode here

Mardi hopes that the future of her business expands to post-divorce retreats for women so that her clients may finally have time to focus on their needs. Outside of her practice, she is improving her public speaking skills to become a TEDX speaker in the coming year. 

Mardi’s transition from mediator to coaching was not always smooth sailing. Her husband had an unexpected stroke in January 2011, and she became a full-time caregiver while working from home until he died in 2017. “That was a pivotal moment in life when I learned how to work from home, run a business, and move from in-person to online coaching,” she said.

By the time the pandemic happened, Mardi was a pro at remote work and even joined the International Association of Women to help her grow professionally. “I enjoyed the interactions with other women and having a supportive community,” she said. “I also enjoy the training and networking events and plan to attend more regularly in the upcoming months.” 

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