Featured Member: Meridith Ward

From HR leader to successful entrepreneur, Meridith Ward is a dynamic force supporting professionals as they navigate their careers. With a foundation built through various public and private firms in HR, Meredith discovered her true passion for career coaching. Leveraging her expertise, she launched a staffing and career advisory agency, focusing her efforts on empowering female professionals.

“As a certified career and leadership coach, and a former corporate HR practitioner who saw both sides of the hiring desk, I guide women to achieve their career goals in the workplace, whether as corporate employees or entrepreneurs,” she said. Today, she is the Founder and CEO of InCharge Career Consulting where she offers her clients career development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and hourly coaching services. 

“When I work with women, I take the time to assess their concerns and identify the ‘why’ behind their professional barriers. By doing this, we can create practical action plans to overcome those issues and unlock new excitement around the work and outlook they imagined for themselves. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness those light bulb moments and gain their trust. They realize I’m there to champion their unique goals and offer unwavering support throughout their professional journeys.”

Meridith has ambitious plans to scale her business globally, aiming to become a renowned speaker and writer to share her knowledge with women everywhere. She offers sage advice to those following in her footsteps: “Earn respect, learn to engage in challenging conversations, get comfortable giving pushback, use constructive criticism, and don’t take anything personally.” 

To help her achieve her goals, Meridith recently joined the International Association of Women (IAW) to take advantage of the Influencer benefits. “I joined IAW to expand my professional network and to share my expertise,” she said. “I’ve only been an IAW member for a few weeks now, but based on what I’ve seen and heard, I suggest other women new to IAW get engaged, be present, authentic, and intentional.” 

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