Featured Member Miriam Staggs: Striving to Leave a Lasting Impression

Meet IAW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on VIP Member Miriam Staggs. A woman of strong faith, Miriam Staggs knows the importance of positivity, professionalism and inspiration. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in Member Spotlight, contact us at featuredwomen@napw.com

IAW: How do you network?

Staggs: I network by being genuinely me. I enjoy talking to people from all walks of life. My nature is to inspire, encourage and uplift people. I desire for people who come in contact with me to be transformed by my presence into thinking differently about themselves and their current situations. Giving to the people I come in contact with, whether it’s giving advice or encouraging words, offering resources to assist them in their goals or supporting them, leaves a lasting impression.

IAW: When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

Staggs: First of all, my faith in God keeps me directed to who I am as an individual. I pray often and study God’s word as a blueprint to whom I suppose to be. I encourage myself through the word of God that keeps my mind positive. I keep myself in a circle of positive people. I laugh often, I enjoy life without explanations. I speak positively from my lips daily, which comes from my soul. I believe what we put out in the universe, returns to us.

IAW: What three business rules has contributed to my success?

Staggs: Keeping a professional attitude; providing excellent customer service and keeping business profits separate from personal. 

IAW: What woman has had the most influence on your beliefs?

Staggs: I have a few but the one that stands out most is Maya Angelou. I choose her because she inspired through her life’s journey, being unapologetic. She was and still is a pillar in her community, encouraging and empowering people of all cultures. She has always taught us to self-evaluate through friendships, knowing we are more alike than not alike.

IAW: What else do you wish to gain from your membership at IAW?

Staggs: I would like to gain lasting friendships. Add a volume of like-minded successful women to my circle to keep me accountable to my professional platform. I want to take advantage of all resources that my membership offers and to continue to grow as a business professional.

I will increase my goals being connected to IAW and attend events that feature high-profile speakers.

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