Featured Member: Monica Morgan

Monica Morgan’s passion for real estate began in college when she started leasing apartments. She’s worked her way from the ground up over 32 years and established The Pivotal Companies, a property management company including Student Housing Expert, Space Invaders Marketing, and Social Theory, Inc. 

“I love real estate and the housing industry because everyone needs somewhere to live! I thrive on the challenge of taking underperforming multifamily or student housing assets, turning them around and stabilizing them.”

Her team has a collective one-hundred plus years of experience in the field and provides fresh solutions for their clients. The services offered include student housing consulting, talent deployment, digital or guerilla marketing, auditing, promoting items, management services, and more. “I have loved every minute as an entrepreneur, including the really hard moments,” said Monica. “I have tapped into my inner perseverance and seen it show up time and time again as I pushed through the pandemic to hold onto my dream.”

As a female entrepreneur, Monica is also dedicated to helping other women live their dreams. Thus, she co-founded a nonprofit with her two daughters called The Burning Bra. The organization is a community of support for women to adopt or leave abusive situations and advocates for policy change. “If moving the world forward when it comes to empowering women strikes a chord with you, I’d love to invite you to support our efforts through an active advocacy role as well as donations,” asks Monica. 

Along with her nonprofit, Monica supports women through her membership with the International Association of Women. “IAW is an opportunity for me to further network globally with like-minded women looking to be the change we all want to see in this world,” explained Monica. Like her, she urges other IAW women to network as they never know who they may meet. 

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Want to find a community like Monica’s? IAW is open and waiting for women from all around the globe to join our community of professional women who want to expand their horizons just like you. Register for one of our weekly events, or find a local chapter near you to get started.

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