Featured Member: Ronith Dunn

Staring in the face of a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, Ronith Dunn felt firsthand the significant gaps in medical research. She quickly knew she needed to align her 30-plus years in life science recruitment with new goals. She began to manage her health with exercise and nutrition while building BlueGene Search, an organization dedicated to rare diseases and biotech talent solutions.

“The realization that I could leverage my expertise and passion to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, especially those navigating their health challenges, was the catalyst for my dedication to the Life Sciences sector.”

Ronith partnered with Yaffa Grace, a friend, kidney cancer survivor, and Master of Public Health, to establish the thriving recruitment business that BlueGene Search is today. They offer employers executive recruitment strategies, commercial product launch development, talent acquisition consulting, and job postings. Plus for job seekers in the biotech industry, they offer resume support, career coaching, and more. 

“My decision to specialize in the Life Sciences industry at BlueGene Search is driven by a profound passion for improving health and well-being. Through my experience managing MS with exercise and nutrition, I understand the importance of medical progress firsthand. Our business leverages my expertise and networks to contribute significantly to scientific advancements while staying true to my values and commitment to enhancing lives.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Ronith’s business is facilitating connections between talented professionals and innovative companies in the life sciences sector, contributing to breakthroughs in treatments for serious conditions like MS. “My passion for partnering with executives and companies reflects my commitment to building strong, meaningful relationships,” she said. “Helping others achieve their professional goals and seeing companies thrive because of the talent I’ve helped them acquire is incredibly rewarding.”

As BlueGene Search continues to grow, Ronith finds support for her professional growth with the International Association of Women (IAW). “IAW provides me with invaluable networking opportunities, connecting me with other female professionals and executives within and beyond the Life Sciences industry. These connections may lead to collaborations and new business opportunities in the future, all of which can fuel the growth of BlueGene Search,” said Ronith. 

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