Featured Member: Shalini Codispoti Shares Her Passion for Advocacy and Empowerment

Shalini Codispoti, Attorney and Law and Founder of Codispoti Law P.C., has always had a passion for advocacy and empowerment.

Having a Voice

I have always had a desire to advocate for those who could not do it for themselves. To give a voice to the voiceless.

I am an Attorney at Codispoti Law, P.C., which specializes in civil litigation, business law and estate planning. I earned my Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of the West Indies and my Legal Education Certificate (JD Equivalent) from Hugh Wooding Law School. I am involved in professional organizations such as the Houston Bar Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association.

I use my skills as a litigator and my expertise in business law, civil litigation and employment law to ensure my clients’ rights are always upheld.

Courtroom Challenges

As a woman in the courtroom, I have been met with many challenges but I have persevered to reap the greatest rewards for my clients.

To other professional women who may also face obstacles and challenges, my advice is to be yourself. Stay true to who you are, what you look like and where you come from. Don’t let the size of the mountain intimidate you but rather inspire you to rise to the challenge. All girls need someone to look up to and we need to accept that responsibility.

Future Goals

My plans for the future include creating a platform where I can continue to pursue my own goals and, at the same time, empower other women to pursue theirs.

Making Connections through IAW

Connect. Connect. Connect. That is my advice to other members. Being a member of IAW has provided me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women to promote equality and justice. Make the most of your IAW membership by speaking up and getting to know the other women in our community.

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