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IAW: How do you network?

Hayden: Customer referral, staying active in the community and business associations, social media forums and groups that are directly connected and related to my industry

IAW: When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

Hayden: Self-motivation through books, online articles, linked In, connect with colleagues and local motivational seminars.

IAW: What three business roles have contributed most to your success?

Hayden: Teaching and Training, this developed the understanding of how to understand people in how they learn and how to best get your messaging across to others.

Management, managing others brings a deeper sense of working with others by understanding how to best motivate and keep individuals successful and on task. There is no “I” in team and you are only as strong as your weakest link

Project Leadership – being responsible and taking ownership brings a high level of commitment to ensure that the success of the task / project is executed and completed to the best of its ability

IAW: What else would you like to get from your IAW membership?

Hayden: The ability to always be learning new ways to improve professionally, as well as personally. My goal is that IAW will assist in finding smart, effective ways to gain success and growth in my position with strategies that work.

IAW: Describe your personal brand. Which platforms do you use to showcase it?

Hayden: I like to always stay interesting to not only my colleagues, but my friends and family. Life is not meant to get stagnant but to always be growing and learning from deep connection to yourself and to others. Never to forget those who have mentored me in my past, but to continue to grow and learn from those that will always keep you expanding in your knowledge and strengths. “My life is an unfinished painting. I’ll be painting for a while on the canvas.” LADY GAGA

Platforms to showcase my personal brand: social media avenues and by being who I am in all areas of my life, professionally and personally.

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