Finding Your Wellness with Candice Parker White

This week on IAW’s podcast Unlimited HERizons our host and president, Megan Bozzuto, chatted with a member, Candice Parker White, about her move to the US seven years ago and realizing your passion. 

She is a French/American Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Manual Osteopath, and founder of Yes For Wellness. “I’m totally obsessed with stretching,” says Candice. “I’m focused on mobility, flexibility, and stretching because I think a lot of us are way too tense for our lives and it’s very helpful to do a little bit of release.” She wanted to change things up in her life and move to America where she had dual citizenship. However, when Candice came to the US, her physical therapist license would not transfer. Starting from square one, she had to reinvent her career. 

From her story, there are some beautiful pieces of advice on how to reinvent yourself and follow your dreams.

Observe and Adapt

Candice took a nine-to-five job while she figured out where to go in the health industry. Her coworkers soon began to seek advice from her about their eating habits and physical aches since they knew her background. “Seeing American habits in terms of eating and self-care, I thought ‘hey, I could be a good coach,” she said. “It was really my search online that just gave me the coaching certification option. This is it. It is my bridge between my background and what I can offer here in the US. So, it was kind of an ah-ha moment thanks to my colleagues.” From there, Candice pursued a certification to begin her business. 

Realizing Your Passion After You Leave It

Her nine-to-five job at a Louis Voutoin store took her out of the health industry. It was during that change she realized her passion for health and wellness. “My body actually made me step down from the job because it was not happy. I was stressed out. Everything you can imagine about modern life getting to you in terms of tension and repercussion, I got everything,” she explained. Caring for others made her so much more fulfilled than in her current job. “Sometimes you’re doing something and you don’t realize you really like it. When you stop doing it, then you’re like ‘okay, that might have been my purpose and I just got away from it so let me go back to what I love to do,’” said Candice. 

You Can Bring What You Like to Work

Work is often a dreaded four-letter word. We can go to a job we are good at, but it might not motivate us in our day-to-day. “Not everyone can work in something they absolutely love within their purpose. I don’t think it’s humanly possible because there are too many considerations in life,” said Candice. “But you can bring a little bit of what you like to work. So, take a project to present to your company, or you can get into charity. Find something, even if it is pro bono, that will balance out every day.” 

Want to listen to Candice’s full story and get more advice? Listen to Unlimited Herizons updated weekly with different amazing professional women telling their stories. All IAW members can connect with Candice Parker White in the IAW Community!

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