5 Fun Ways to Grow Your Email List

As a business owner, one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit is your email list. When you grow your email list, you’re able to cultivate the leads (the people on your list), eventually turning them into customers. In this day and age, people are inundated with emails from companies trying to sell them things. That’s why it’s important to lure leads in with an offer that’s worthy of them giving their personal information. 

While there are several content tools you can create to help build your email list, there are a couple of important things to remember. Never email people who haven’t consented to hearing from you and make sure you follow all applicable laws relevant to your email marketing activities. Now that we have our bases covered, here are five things you can offer your leads in exchange for their email addresses: 


Quizzes are really fun and easy to make. While a quiz can be about anything, creating a quiz that fits with your product or service makes the most sense; for example, a style quiz if you sell clothing or a wellness quiz if you’re a trainer or wellness coach. Put the quiz on your website and offer the answers to the quiz in exchange for visitors’ email addresses. Make sure you have them opt-in to receiving marketing communication from you before you email them.  


A tried and true way to get people to give you their email address is to offer a discount. If the leads see the value in your product, they’ll be eager to give their email addresses in exchange for a discount on their purchases. Planning promotions around special events or holidays is a great way to offer discounts without eroding the value of your products with constant promotions. 


If your goal is to help your clients live a healthier life, maybe you write an ebook giving them some tips to achieve a more healthful lifestyle. The key to the ebook is delivering on your promise and making the information really valuable. A low-quality ebook full of fluff is the fastest way to erode trust with your potential customers. An ebook helps build awareness about your brand, positions you as a thought leader, and builds trust with future clients because you made good on your promise to give them quality content. 


Another great piece of content you can offer leads in exchange for their emails is a template. A template should provide value like any other piece of content and should help make the lead’s life easier. If you’re selling a marketing service, maybe your template is 30 social media post templates for a small business. Such a template provides a lot of value to your ideal client, it fits with your product or service, and it’ll position you as a source of helpful information. 


Checklists are used to help people stay organized and guide them through tasks. Is there a task that your ideal client could use guidance on? Whether you’re helping them build a marketing plan for their business or build a mindful weekly routine, a checklist may be the way to go. Just like the other content pieces mentioned, providing value and delivering on your promises should be the highest priority. 

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