Harness the Power of Networking to Grow Your Business

A successful business is within your reach! Business networking is a powerful tool for marketing your business and taking it to the next level. Networking opportunities for your business help increase your industry knowledge, attain word-of-mouth referrals, meet potential employees and tell others about your business. In the world of networking, everyone is a potential business contact. So, take the reins! Harness the power of networking to grow your business.

Here are some helpful business networking tips:

Embrace the Current
In today’s fast paced, ever-changing corporate world, innovative concepts and industry trends tend to shift with the tide. Swim with the current, instead of against it. Networking provides new avenues for your business you may be unaware of. Take the plunge! Welcome new possibilities for business success.

Make a Powerful Impact
When attending a business networking event, showcase your brand; make a powerful first impression. Be prepared and go in strong. Create a memorable, unique pitch, consistent to the tone of your brand. Ensure your presentation sets the stage for building meaningful connections.

Tap Into the Well
Networking is a great way to tap into advice and expertise. There are limitless opportunities to learn from an array of industries and perspectives. Learn all you can about your clients and competitors. Regularly attend networking events, building professional relationships with people you think will expand your knowledge and strengthen your business.

Give to Receive
Remember, it’s not only about what someone else can do for you, it’s about what you can also do for them. Networking is about helping each other move forward. And, it’s that give and take that creates the ultimate connection. Offering your knowledge and your time, creates rapport and encourages other business owners to succeed. These types of relationships build trust and friendships that lead to business opportunities.

We want to hear from you! How important is networking for your business? Do you feel networking has increased your business success? 

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  1. Mary Terzian

    How do I network? I belong to several communities. I was born in Cairo, I went to an Armenian school and I stay in touch with most of my friends, I belong to a few clubs, in some I am really active, I attend church and stay over for coffee and conversation with different tablemates, I attend lectures, sometimes seminars. I have an extended family, extended like in the four corners of the world, I joined an international group of senior citizens but I have not yet had the opportunity to warm up to them because I was busy writing my book, “Politically Homeless” now in the process of being published. I belong to two writing clubs, primarily critique groups like beta readers. Once in a while I will reach out to social media. On the whole I work longer now as a retiree than I did as a regular employee. I seem to be harder on myself than a demanding boss and the hardest part is: I cannot resign from my job.

    • Josie O'Malley

      I couldn’t agree with you more as a retired art (graphic Design/ computer Graphics) teacher I have filled my time with creative art – oil painting, teaching occasional watercolor classes and now beginning this Saturday I will be teaching a new Photoshop class! Entering online art contests and current art shows keeps me occupied more now than before I retired. It’s a happy busy though with spurts of excitement and plenty of anticipation My website artladyjosieomalley.com will introduce you to my work and allow me to brag a little on my accomplishments.
      Josie O’Malley

  2. Dorothy

    I need help in developing and maintaining a site. I purchased a Facebook for Dummies, and have an account but I do not keep it up. I wanted it to be a business site. I am not satisfied with the account. I asked and looked for help but to no avail at this time.

    • Ann M Keller

      I can help you with a business account on Facebook and help you get people to find your site. It sounds like you are new to this and the business account will not help unless people know where to find you. Send me an email and I will give you all my contact information. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Ann M Keller

  3. Linda Burwell

    I partnered with a US wholesale shopping club that manufactures environmentally safe products for your home that saves you time and money. I don’t sell anything. My job is to educate consumers on how to get eco-friendly, green products at wholesale delivered to their home factory-direct. I am looking for business partners to help educate the consumer.

  4. Shawn Horton

    Good Morning, I have read the article and the different post on networking and I am interested in it as well. I am a recently new business owner and an amateur entrepreneur kind of learning as I go. I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to join your organization in order to work and learn form the most inspiring women in the world. My business is cabling and installation for fire and security alarm devices and we are located in Dallas, TX. I am open to all opinions, criticism, and information that you can give, lend, or teach. Have a good one ladies. Shawn H

    • Cynthia

      Hi, I was in Dallas a few months ago and met your president. Perhaps we can meet next time I am there but in the meantime we can try it long distance. Cynthia

  5. Cynthia

    Networking and meeting new friends is my favorite part of my business. I’m no longer bound to an office cubicle and I relish going to meetings, socials and activities that enable me to meet people while I do what I love doing. And, I actually get to help real people with their legal and business problems rather than corporate and government clients!

    I try to just meet a few people each time I go out that I experience a special connection with or share a mutual interest. I works every time.

  6. Human Relationships

    I started Human Relationships website for support and inspiration purposes. As I noticed that many Humans needs to be inspired and we help to build the confidence within themselves.
    Confidence is very important to many people especially if they are trying to achieve anything.
    Our networking is growing fast and as everyone noticed it is a main key for our future businesses.
    Please welcome our new Human Relationships Magazine – August Issue will be distributed around Metropolitan Area of Miami City, Florida and hopefully we will expend by the next year in many different areas in the United States of America.
    Anyone can preview it here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1139056?__r=634155

  7. Theresa

    Good morning ladies. I own a small computer shop in Dyer Indiana I just had a son 3 months ago and I’m having trouble picking up business.. Any suggestions?

    • Sam Curra

      Congratulations on your newest family addition! We recommend attending Local Chapter events for the chance promote your business in person to local NAPW women. Simply exchanging business cards can offer a powerful word-of-mouth reference and open the door to new business. There’s a Merrillville Chapter and Indianapolis Chapter which are local to you. We also host regional Power Networking Events throughout the year so check our events calendar to see if there’s one coming to your area. Also, be sure to join our virtual eChapter for live networking with NAPW members nationwide. This could come in handy when looking for customers on a national level. Our next meeting is August 24th at 12pm ET — You can register here. We’ll be discussing the benefits of networking and how to network effectively. Registration for this event will be up soon on our website and Facebook page. Hope to see you there. Good luck to you on your future endeavors!

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