IAW’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Small Business Owners

The holidays are a great time to recognize your employees, customers, and business partners with a token of appreciation. Yet, it is not always clear what to give them or how to present it. No matter what your situation is this holiday season, we got you covered on gift-giving etiquette and ideas that will bring the holiday spirit to any work environment!

Gift-Giving Etiquette

If you are new to gift-giving in a professional environment, here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • For service providers, you will need to budget according to the number of clients receiving a gift and determine how generous you can be. A simple holiday card or floral arrangement is sufficient for most clients. Consider alternatives to traditional gifts such as a charitable donation in the name of your client as a way to show appreciation and support those in need.
  • For store owners, a customer appreciation event would help to drive foot traffic to your business while giving back to your loyal customers. Include a holiday discount to further incentivize customers to come in and shop! Be sure to announce your customer appreciation event in advance and promote it through your marketing channels for the best turnout

The Office

  • It’s important to recognize your employees for a job well done, but take care to keep gifts equal among your team.
  • If your budget allows, a holiday bonus is a great way to say thanks to your team.
  • Traditional workplace celebrations like gift exchanges with a set dollar amount can help employees bond and spread holiday cheer around the office.

Business Partners and Vendors

  • Some organizations may not accept gifts from vendors over a certain dollar amount. In this case, a gift basket to the entire group would suffice. 
  • Don’t forget about tipping the vendors that you interact with on a regular basis.

IAW Discounts

Take advantage of discounts and coupons offered to IAW members through IAWPerks and find items that will impress anybody:

  • Snacks like cheese, fruit, or chocolate are a delicious way to acknowledge your stakeholders during the holidays.
  • Don’t know what your co-workers like? Gift certificates accommodate a broad range of personal tastes.
  • Wine is a sophisticated gift for any mentor, sponsor, or managers. Be sure to confirm that alcohol isn’t prohibited by spiritual, cultural, or personal beliefs though! Imported tea and coffee are great alternatives.
  • Holiday gift baskets or floral arrangements are a lovely way to recognize an office or organization with one gift.
  • For co-workers with families or pets, consider sending a package filled with goodies or services that help around the house.

Branded Gift Ideas

Utilize member savings through the VistaPrint Pro Shop and showcase your brand through gifts. Subtlety is key as your gift should not be an advertisement for your company, but a recognition of thanks to the recipient. Keep the branding minimal!

  • Everyday items like mousepads, phone charges, and water bottles provide the recipient with useful items that will remind them of your brand daily.
  • Gift cards are always a great way to recognize others. Pair a gift card for a local coffee shop with a coffee mug that includes your logo to subtly include branded items. 
  • Customized apparel, such as hats, jackets, and shirts, can be a great way to for brand recognition, and your employees may appreciate repping their company. Keep in mind, it might be over the top as a gift for a customer or partner.
  • Don’t forget about personalized holiday cards that recognize your brand and be sure to include a handwritten note for the recipient. 

Gift Alternatives

On a budget but want to bring the holiday spirit? Here are some alternatives to spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank:

  • If possible, give your employees extra personal days or shortened work days during the holiday season. 
  • Holiday Greetings Video Message – take a few minutes to record yourself voicing your appreciation and thanks. This gift can be personalized for each recipient and won’t require a budget to create.
  • Host a holiday celebration — this is easily scaled to your company’s budget and can be hosted virtually.
  • E-cards are perfect for hybrid and remote companies. It can be scheduled in advance, customizable, and won’t break the budget. 

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