How to Confidently Connect and Engage in Business

Engagement is about connecting with your company, colleagues and clients. When you are aligned with your profession and your work, your overall life improves dramatically. And your results increase upwardly. Would you like to experience more long-term and lasting success in your professional life, engage with the intention of delivering win-win outcomes?

It all begins with establishing a standard of engaging that will help you feel good about what you spend most of your day and life doing. By intentionally deciding that you will actively participate in creating your desirable career, you move toward the possibilities and away from the problems that arise in every profession. This is how successful leaders and influencers expand their audience and advocates.

Here are six (6) simple strategies to help you connect and engage:

Enthusiasm Activates. Dedication to develop a morning routine that empowers your positive and favorable focus increases your value to others. Remember success in any area of life is a mindset that’s developed daily. Great professional achievements are built with dedication, persistence, repetition, and belief (faith). Your ability to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook will accelerate your success while building your trusted network and advocacy. When you ignite enthusiasm in other, news about you will spread like wildfire.

Nurturing Creativity. Ingenuity and innovation are blossoms among your peers. It allows others to relax in the face of difficulties and tap into their creative energy and potential. Employees who implement are more valuable than those who think and talk about it. Being a self-starter can ignite your peers to also work outside their comfort zones to accomplish their desired goals. This will also increase your credibility and helps you to become the expert.

Gracious Contributions. Being a gracious contributor seems to come naturally to some people, but chances are, the gracious contributor has worked very hard to be who they are. Our nature is to want acknowledgment for doing a kindness for someone. We all want to be noticed and affirmed. However, the compassionate way to contribute is doing so without calling attention to yourself, being anonymous. Find ways to boost workplace morale inspires a productive work environment.

Approachable Communications. Cordial and congenial communication is often overlooked and neglected in the workplace. No one knows everything and neither do you. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Learn to listen without responding, listen without offering advice and you may discover and find exactly what you need. Approachable communicators foster a safe environment influencing enhanced engagement and improved productivity.

Genuine Authenticity. Unique individual participation is essential to establishing a powerful team yet it’s the differences that often what create conflict. Fostering an environment where everyone is heard, appreciated and recognized is vital to the success of any organization. Lasting and sustained impact requires being honest and transparent. People will not connect with someone who is fake. They want to feel understood and heard, and the only way to achieve that is with honesty and authenticity.

Enriched Sharing. All employees have amazing ideas. It’s our imagination that makes us infinite and everyone has one. Recognize that no one person is the keeper of all the wisdom. Nor does any one person know everything, then appreciate there’s still much learning to be had. For many employees, the biggest deterrent to sharing ideas is fear of rejection. Organizations that cultivate solutions-oriented sharing develop the most innovative products and services in the marketplace.

Stay focused on your professional growth and the strengthening of your capabilities. Professionals who consistently communicate, spark conversations, and create desired results for their companies and clients rare and highly sought after. And remember, if none of this works, it may be time to expand your professional development by stepping out and into something that’s more engaging

About the Author

Meshell R Baker is the Founder/Owner of Meshell Baker Enterprises LLC. She is a highly engaging and captivating Speaker, an Empowerment Coach, Author and a well-respected teacher of V.I.S.I.O.N.  Meshell works with individuals, teams, and organizations moving them from Uncomfortable to Uncompromising.  Her clients achieve refocused clarity, renewed confidence and rebooted courage by creating their successful Vision & Mission Strategy campaigns to increase revenues, build social awareness, and they often become key players in their organizations and communities.

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