Meet the IAW Team: Marie Bartolotti

Do you want to take your goals to the next level? If so, meet IAW’s Influencer Experience Manager, Marie Bartolotti. She has over 14 years of experience in sales and member services and helped hundreds of professional women get the audience visibility and leadership roles they desire.

Her day-to-day work consists of onboarding new influencer members by designing their “Roadmaps to Success” for the upcoming year. It is a plan of action for Influencers to gain visibility, find speaking engagements on our platform, and continue to have accountability and educational growth. Marie’s white glove treatment and support mean every woman dreaming of larger professional goals or business expansions can turn them into a reality through IAW’s support. She has worked with IAW for many years and loves to continue aiding, advancing, and growing our global community of women. 

“I love fostering long-lasting relationships and being a source for our members to find support, visibility, and introductions. It is one of my favorite things when I can see members use their benefits and actualize their dreams.”

Each influencer receives personalized connections to expand their network, find mentorship, meet business coaches, and more. With Marie’s help, every member gains a community of dedicated women equally as passionate as them. Plus, her charming personality is warm and welcoming. She finds inspiration from the women she meets each day. 

“I especially feel inspired when I see members help to put the word out or send messages/share posts. I find it really motivating and pushes me to do more for them.”

As an introvert, Marie finds it difficult to put herself out there. “But hosting events and connecting with other women really helped develop my confidence. I definitely feel more prepared to approach these situations than I used to,” she said. Just as she grew personally through IAW, Marie wants to provide members with similar experiences that give them lifelong skills. One thing she wants women interested in joining IAW to know is that member services are not robots behind the screen.

“We go so far beyond emailing or LinkedIn conversations. We are real people working with them who are aware of industry fluctuations like inflation and layoffs that affect each woman. So, we can work together to find the optimal time and space that gives you the best possible advantages of our membership.”

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Curious about our Influencer membership? Read more about it on our blog or contact Marie to schedule a conversation!

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