Meet The IAW Team: Patti Tufano

Want to get the most out of your IAW membership? Meet our Member Consultant Patti Tufano! She’s worked with IAW for over fifteen years and has seen it blossom into a thriving organization and community. Every day she speaks with our members to understand their challenges professionally or personally and helps connect them with the best support for them. One thing Patti wants to emphasize is her passion for long-term relationships.

“I love helping women. I dive into that person to see what they are all about and what they need. Everyone is different, and it means a lot to me when I know I’m able to guide our members to the right resources. I can see them grow and succeed with our membership.”

Patti’s favorite part about working with IAW is making a difference in thousands of women’s lives worldwide. She’s seen it firsthand and knows how IAW can help every woman no matter where she is in her journey. 

“I remember a virtual event where I was in a breakout group with a small group of our members. There was a woman from California and a woman from Maryland. One woman was struggling with her startup business and the other offered to support her at no cost. I see members support one another like this all the time and I love helping them make those connections.”

Virtual events like those are one benefit that Patti encourages all members to take advantage of. Every week IAW hosts various in-person and virtual events that connect professional women with the resources and support they need to thrive.

“Everybody has full schedules, and I want to put our members at ease. I tell them to register for everything and listen when they can. And when they can’t, they can watch the replay while they fold laundry or cook dinner.”

For Patti, working with IAW is a joy. It helped her understand women and their professions in a way she never could before. And, when she is not working, Patti crafts, sings and appreciates the lush nature around her, including an owl who lives in her tree.

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