Featured Member: Ayse Hogan is Helping Women Help Themselves

Positive Changes

The right people came into my life and saved me when I was ready to end my own life. It changed me to my core and changed everything about my life. I trained, learned studied and now, as a Soul Guru and Holistic Life Coach at The Chakra House of Healing, I help women help themselves and I am living my purpose. There is nothing better than that.

When we have negative experiences in life, as we all do, these experiences affect us on several levels. They absolutely affect us energetically and that can then manifest physically and/or mentally. My gifts and training allows me to release, integrate, change and align my clients on all levels. By doing this, my clients don’t just learn to handle their challenges and struggles, they are eliminated. No baggage, no blockage.

A Healing Space

First Things First

Put yourself first. Generally speaking, women all over the world put themselves last thinking that they are taking care of their loved ones. Imagine how much better a mother, a wife, a friend, a business owner or any one of your roles in this world you could be if you felt happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Rewards, Challenges and the Future

What I find the most rewarding about my career is helping women find the power in themselves they never knew they had and, in many cases, loving themselves and meeting themselves for the first time. They have spent so long focusing on what they can’t do and who they can’t be, they have never focused on the amazingness of who they are. The challenge I often face is making women, people understand that they don’t have to suffer inside, that they can be free of it and be the best version of themselves.

My future goal is to open a massive healing center that people will come to from all over the world, where there will be educated holistic facilitators to help as many as we can to become a positive change in their own lives.

Helping and Learning from IAW Members

I feel that through IAW, I open the door to help many women with any challenges and struggles that block their way to success. By helping the women of IAW or anywhere, I watch my practice flourish, however, my end game is really helping as many as I can.

I am new to IAW but this seems like a well-organized community of strong women helping each other to be even better. My advice to other members is to take your time and learn what your membership has to offer. I have no intention of allowing this to be one more membership that I don’t take the time to nurture. My intention is to reach out to as many as I can, help who I can help, and also learn from others and what they have to teach me.

Life Lessons Imagine life experiences like walnuts. Some of us only have a few walnuts and some carry around large bags of walnuts. What if…you cracked each walnut, ate the lesson and threw away the shell that keeps us trapped?

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