Monday Motivation: 8 Empowering Books Every Woman Should Read

Summer’s here and that means longer days, which also means more time to do the things you love. One of our favorite things to do with that extra time is read. Sure, an easy, breezy beach read is always fun, but we also love books that motivate and inspire us, books that offer professional women and future female leaders the advice they need to take their careers to the next level.

To help you find a great summer read that will help you achieve success, we’ve curated a list of books we believe will have an impact on any women who reads it. Of course, you don’t have to read every book on this list but we do encourage you to add at least one (or more) of these to your list of must-reads this summer.

So, whether you pack a few in your suitcase, take some to the beach or stash one in your work tote to read during your lunch break (preferably outdoors), we hope you find these books summer-reading worthy!


Work It: Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business by Carrie Kerpen
Perfect for young women embarking on their careers or older women looking to make a career change. This book is filled with real-life advice, tips and practical exercises from the author (CEO and Co-founder of Likeable Media) as well as other successful business women. Makes a great graduation gift!


Pick Three by Randi Zuckerberg
In her latest book, the well-known entrepreneur and tech media personality argues that while it’s not realistic to think we can have it all, we can still succeed in life if we “pick three” and focus on what’s really important to us. Zuckerberg shares stories about her own career and insights from other professionals such as Arianna Huffington and Laurie Hernandez.


Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World by Joann S. Lublin
An award-winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal, the author talks about the obstacles she faced in her career and recounts the experiences of more than 50 other highly successful executive women. All share the lessons they learned as they struggled (and succeeded) to break their respective glass ceilings.


Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One by Jenny Blake
The title pretty much says it all about this book. The author, a former training and career development specialist at Google, explains her solution to moving forward in your career: The Pivot Method. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a change, Jenny explains how taking small, strategic steps can help you succeed throughout your career.


Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader by Herminia Ibarra
Written by a professor at a leading international business school, this book is for managers and executive who are looking to improve their leadership skills. It’s filled with exercises and practical advice, including how to redefine your job, diversify your network and evolve your leadership style.


Grace Meets Grit: How to Bring Out the Remarkable, Courageous Leader Within by Daina Middleton
This book explores gender differences in the workplace as it applies to leadership behaviors, and empowers women to trust their own instincts as leaders. The author shares her experiences and those of other women leaders and offers advice on “dialing up” your own natural leadership qualities.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson
It may not be as polite as the others on this list, but this book is a hugely popular read that tells it like it is. The author, a superstar blogger, takes the position that if we stop trying to be positive all the time, we’ll end up happier. Since, according to Manson, everyone is flawed and we can’t all be winners, he gives us advice about how to embrace and accept our shortcomings, and figure out what’s really important in our lives.


How to Be an Overnight Success: Making it in Business by Maria Hatzistefanis
The take-away from this book is that success never happens overnight…it takes hard work, perseverance and patience. Hatzistefanis, the Founder of Rodial, a skincare company popular with models and celebrities, generously shares her knowledge and experiences because she firmly believes anyone can be successful if they work hard enough.

What is on your summer reading list? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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