Star’s Corner: 5 Tips to Advance to the Next Chapter in Your Life

This year’s 4th quarter is in full swing! Are you riding the waves of success or feeling disappointed, not sure of what your next move should be?

This month’s focus is centered on professional growth and getting to the next stage in our careers. We have all been there before: STUCK! No matter how successful you have been, no matter how many checks have cleared, no matter how many raving clients, customers, and supporters you may have had, eventually we all look for our next step towards advancement. And for good reason, all brilliant women want to live their best lives and constantly progress. So whether you are a college grad or seasoned professional, career advancement is always a common goal. Something else is also common- obstacles. For every plan or goal we have a big obstacle is waiting in the trenches ready to derail us or intimidate us from reaching our goals. But we will stay the course ladies! Do you want to know what I do? How I reach for the stars? Here are my 5 tips to successfully advance to the next bold and prosperous chapter in your life!

1. Expect more than your comfort zone

Being too comfortable is always a roadblock to success! What’s that cliché saying? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Listen ladies, that saying does not apply to women who are building empires! Even when you are comfortable and happy you still must adjust and grow with your target audience and be willing to expand your vision. Leaders at nearly every major successful brand are looking to see what is “next”. Being willing to evolve will keep you successful and help you stay above your competition. And if you are scared of change my next tip is for you…

2. Fear not

If you own a business or are climbing the corporate ladder you have already proven to have courage. Creating your own brand or proving yourself as leader requires a significant level of innovation and fearless moves so don’t stop now! Dig deep and find the courage to evolve, take calculated risks, and be the absolute best at what you do. You are more than enough. Believe in your vision

and skill-set and allow it to take you where you deserve to be worry and fear free. You may also find that your fears decrease when you have a solid plan. No one is suggesting that you jump blindly but I do encourage you to plan, see the bigger picture, and make a strategic leap of faith.

3. Network intentionally

If you have been following any of our live networking events or media appearances you have heard me say this at least a dozen times: network intentionally! I will keep screaming it because it’s true! The next level of your business and career requires help and assistance from someone who does something better than you. Yes better than you. I said it. You are all that but you cannot be all the moving parts that your vision requires. So don’t broadly network, give vague introductions, or just collect a stack of business cards. Go to specific events that target your ideal business partner or ideal team members. Replace that old, tired, generic introduction with something like- “Hi I am Star Jones President of IAW and we are seeking new top employers looking to hire high quality, diverse talent is that you?” Be specific and go find who you need!

4. Financial tune up

I said it, that dreaded F word many of us run from! FINANCE! Building capital and increasing cash flow is never a comfortable topic. It can be difficult, ongoing, and full of pressure and uncertainty. But still, like so many issues we as executive women will face, it must be tackled head on. You simply cannot take your business to the next level without financial resources. Get a financial tune up! Every quarter or every year whatever works for you, it is imperative to sit with an accountant to discuss financial bleeds and success. Knowing what you need and what is working or not will help you decide which products to update, roll out, or necessary staff changes you need to make.

5. Be a doer

When you are done creating a vision, removing obstacles, networking, and planning- DO. Remember you were created for this and no one does what you

do better than you. Once you have the vision and plan put in the work! Gasoline is only useful in a car once you start the engine, our technologically advanced smart phones only make our lives easier when they are powered on and in use, and you are only a powerhouse executive when you are a doer and rise to the next level. There is a time to plan, a time to delegate, and a time to DO.

That’s my advice ladies. Getting to your next level of success will not happen over night and that’s ok. But ask yourself what can you do today? Commit to your development and expansion daily. And if you are still looking for connections and inspiration you are in good hands today and every day with IAW! Our leaders and entire network is here to encourage you to find courage and continue your professional growth. Keep pushing and keep growing and know that we at The International Association of Women are happy to be a part of your success. Enjoy November and may you always dream, rise, and lead!

  1. Elizabeth

    Thank you for this down from your deepest heart message to us.
    I’m looking for help in getting clients for my investing and financial plan business. Can you please point me in the right direction?

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