Your Brand is Your Business with Charlotte Graham

This week on IAW’s podcast, Unlimited HERizons, president and host, Megan Bozzuto, chatted with a member, Charlotte Graham, about branding. She has over a decade of professional photography experience and works to capture beautiful photos showcasing brand visions, missions, purpose, and messaging. “I love branding. I fell into this niche into photography completly by accident…and fell in love with branding and the power of storytelling,” said Charlotte.

Here are some tips she shared with Megan in the podcast:

Dig deep

One key to branding is knowing what your business is about. Charlotte starts the conversation with her clients with a questionare. “We always look at what they are trying to achieve, why they are trying to do it, their purpose, their why, their vision, how they see the future, and the big picture. Normally, it’s a really deep conversation and I will be able to pinpoint it and reflect it back and the client will say, thats’s it!” explained Charlotte.

Images are memorable

With social media and access to thousands of stock iamges, we see photgraphs a lot in a give day. But, how many of those are stopping you in your tracks and clicking that button? “In order for anyone to buy anything, they need to have an emotional reaction. Having a person creating a story and images that have depth to them, will hopefully create that emotional reaction. It also creates memorability. Just imaginge your looking for a chiropractor and you’ve been researching and you found seven. You wittled it down to four and then its been hours and no one in the house has eaten. Then, it’s nine pm and your back on the couch thinking of who your remember. The image is what your gonna remember more than the name,” says Charlotte.

Want to listen to Charlotte’s full story and get more advice? Listen to Unlimited HERizons updated weekly with different amazing professional women telling their stories. All IAW members can connect with Charlotte Graham in the IAW Community!

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