Featured Member: Sue Rodrigues

Have you ever woken up and thought your clothes were shrinking? Sue Rodrigues had that moment in her late forties when her doctor started her on a prescription to lower her cholesterol. Sue already worked out three times a week and consistently ate skinless chicken breasts. But, it wasn’t helping her lose weight. So, she decided to change things up and create healthier habits. Within the next two months, she lost 18 pounds and lowered her cholesterol by 50 points. “The students’ parents of the children I was teaching at the time all wanted to know what I was doing to look so good,” said Sue. 

Today, she is a certified health coach helping others like her develop long-lasting healthy habits. Her company My Coach Sue offers clients weekly, monthly, or quarterly coaching, access to an accountability group, healthy eating tips, self-care practices, stress reduction, family health practices, and a corporate wellness program. Sue expanded her business with all these programs after she spoke to fellow IAW member Katie Perry. “Katie inspired me to go out on my own and use my expertise to coach without using just one program, rather all of my expertise to help assist women with whatever goals they need to accomplish,” explained Sue. 

The best part about helping others hit their goals is when she can see clients understand the mental impact of physical health. “They see that weight loss is not just about what you put in your mouth, rather it is about becoming the dominant force in your life. The before and after photos show the weight loss transformation. My joy is knowing the mental transformations that preceded the body changes,” says Sue. There are many mental challenges that occur when someone sets out to change their habits, and some clients resist the discomfort and regress.  Sue noted that sometimes “the habits of comfort are stronger than the habits they need to make the changes they want. Give yourself grace and start small. Small wins add up to big sustainable change over time.” 

During her journey to grow her business, Sue found support and help from the IAW community. She is involved with the Las Vegas local chapter and received nationwide visibility. “IAW represents what is great about women working together for a common good,” advocated Sue. Her advice to new members is to get involved and attend local or online events to meet other members.

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