Featured Member: Ila Barlean’s Ultimate Goal is to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul of Her Clients

Ila Barlean’s ultimate goal is to heal the mind, body and soul of each of her clients.

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From the Physical to the Spiritual

I am a former athlete. I swam competitively in college and even qualified for the NCAA Nationals. After college, I moved on to training and coaching.

Today, my focus is on massage and meditation at my company Tao Energy Movement. Some may wonder how I became inspired to become involved in this type of business. I’m not sure if I was inspired or maybe it was simply a progression. From one way of teaching to being empowered to be the master/guru/teacher of your magical body, mind and soul.

Helping to Heal

My expertise is to be able to hear without ears and see without eyes how you are moving in your body. To guide you with tools to remember whom you truly are. And if the distance of recovery is beyond my abilities, I will guide you to others who have the resources to assist you.

Follow Your Destiny

Who would you be in breath and body if we were to unwind the programming, the patterns, the beliefs? My advice to people is to be the leader and follower of your life destiny.

Challenges and Rewards

The most challenging aspect of my chosen career has been the marketing of this style of universal client care. But it has been so rewarding to witness the level of results when the client and the energy line up and the results have been permanent in elevated change. New registrants are always welcome-please visit my website for more information!

My future goals include having a home with a studio that has steady clients and students for the continued educational programs that have been developed for the professional and interested. I also strive to have more of a local and global presence.

Giving Back

I have created drum circles for the Seattle homeless. We are currently looking for funding for the nonprofit that has been created to elevate the consciousness of Seattle Tent City Communities. Funding will be used for the material to build drums for the participants. Each participant may remember their heart song, “One Breath One Earth One Heart Beat.”

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