Featured Member: Janet Taylor

Ready to get rid of the mess in your life? Janet Taylor, the founder of Totally Organized LLC, has assisted clients with transformational decluttering for almost 30 years. She works with personal and professional spaces, including executive offices. You may recognize her as “The Clutter-Free Queen” from the Rachael Ray Show or from her two guest appearances on HGTV’s Mission: Organization

Janet started her business after a layoff. “I learned that there were other options when teaching people how to be more organized,” she said. Since then, she has grown to become a consultant, author, experienced speaker, and podcast host. Her success didn’t happen overnight though, as one of her biggest challenges as a business owner was growing her clientele base. Yet, her clients are now the most rewarding aspect of her job as “they call on us when they make a life transition,” explained Janet. Her advice for new business owners is to do some research and “move past your comfort zone. It is not as bad as you think.” 

The future of Totally Organized LLC is to grow her podcast “Got Clutter? Get Organized!” Janet started it a decade ago after a mentor recommended it to her. Topics discussed on the podcast include organizing before marriage, how to be an organized pet owner, how to organize a pantry, and more. It has over a million downloads and ranks number two for organization podcasts. 

Along her journey, Janet joined the International Association of Women. “IAW has provided numerous resources to help me enhance my skills as a businesswoman and network with like-minded women,” she said. Some of those resources include her Influencer road map, weekly webinars, and the resource library. Janet is also a part of the IAW Philadelphia Local Chapter as their Events Coordinator. She advises new members to “connect with at least one member and schedule time weekly to take advantage of the resources available.” 

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