Featured Member: Kate McClare

After 30 years in journalism and copywriting, Kate McClare started a new path as a writing consultant and book editor. She founded Kate’s Copy in 2019 after discovering her love of helping others tell their stories. “Over the years, I found that coaching writers was one of my most effective skills. I decided to break out and turn my talents into a business that would give me the freedom to choose the work I wanted while helping a broader range of people,” said Kate. 

Her business offers website, blog, and social media copy, promotional copy, editing, presenting and speech coaching, and book editing. Kate’s helped many writers publish memoirs, business guides, nonfiction, and more starting from their initial concept to marketing their published book. 

“The greatest challenge for me is also my greatest reward: helping new or nonprofessional writers tell their stories in the most engaging way,” said Kate. “Their work may be a little rougher than a professional’s, so it’s my job to shape and sculpt it into a brilliant work while staying true to the raw material. I take great pains to ensure that I am helping them to share in their authentic voice.”

While working with her business coach, Kate realized she is passionate about book editing for entrepreneurs. Thus, she hopes to specialize in entrepreneurs who want to build credibility and establish themselves as authors in their industry. “I believe that everyone has a story to tell; they just need help telling it. And I’ve found that the better the story, the less likely we are to see how great it is. Don’t let preconceived notions of what’s important keep you from sharing your story with the world. Don’t wait for permission!” encouraged Kate. 

But, being a business owner has its challenges. That’s why Kate is a member of the International Association of Women. Through this global community of professional women, Kate found resources, connections, and visibility she wouldn’t have otherwise.

“It has helped me to realize how much help is available and how many people want to help me succeed,” said Kate. Her advice to new IAW members is to participate actively and take advantage of all membership resources. 

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