Featured Member: Kelenda Allen-James

For those trying to break into STEM, Kelenda Allen-James is the influencer you want to connect with. Kelenda is the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology at Commonpoint Queens, a nonprofit technology leader. She is also an educator, business consultant, speaker, and podcast host. Her experience helps bring affordable technology to mission-driven organizations that support and help move society forward. 

“As a nonprofit technology leader, I find it rewarding to work with mission-driven organizations because it allows me to design and bring their technology strategic plans to execution for less money overhead which means more funding goes to their mission,” explained Kelenda. “If the data I provide allows a student’s family to improve their scholar’s attendance, or the savings I generate by converting telephone services to VoIP allows for more funding for permanent housing to an additional person, all my efforts were worth it.”

As a speaker, Kelenda talks on various subjects such as women in technology, POC in technology, and the importance of pursuing STEM careers for young people. “Many people fear technology or feel self-conscious that they are not using technology at the same rate as others. I believe all people are able to learn technologies that can improve their life and community. I want to be a part of the representation that makes a young person see it so they can dream it,” she said. Her passion for inspiring others and connecting them with the right resources is what led her to start her podcast. 

Kelenda became tired of the media’s one-sided representation of who should have careers in technology. She wanted to share her experience, knowledge, and resources with those who normally wouldn’t think of STEM as an option. Thus, her professional podcast, Study Hall with Kelenda The Tech, was founded. “This is for people looking to break into tech, career changers, busy people looking to put professional development back into their schedule,” said Kelenda. “Here we will review certification exams, learning platforms, course reviews, and product challenges. We will also have toolbox recommendations for study tips, study materials, planners, and time management strategies.” Kelenda was also featured on IAW’s podcast, Unlimited HERizons, which you can listen to here

The IAW community provided Kelenda with a wider audience, resources, networking opportunities, and more to help increase her impact locally and globally. “My advice to other members is to plan time in your schedule to engage with the IAW community, local chapters, and resources. This will allow you to get the most from your IAW membership. Interacting with others helps you find new projects to participate in,” said Kelenda. 

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