Featured Member: Sharmaine Moore is Helping Her Clients Overcome Obstacles and Find Success

Passionate about coaching, Sharmaine Moore’s focus is on helping clients overcome obstacles, move forward and find success.

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From Human Resources to Coaching

I’ve been in human resources for years. During my HR career, I isolated my passion: coaching people through difficult situations. There are times in the human resource space where we forget the human element. Yes, we are to assess the risk to the company; however, we are to assess the risk to the employee as well.

Through meaningful conversations, I realized that my passion was in coaching and being a thought partner for those in leadership. I add value to leadership as a trusted source by being their safe place to think through ideas and concepts. The trust and the results are what drives me every day.

Don’t Go It Alone

My areas of expertise are manifesting the goals set by my clients and supporting them with unblocking beliefs that have held them back from moving forward.

The higher you go as a professional, the lonelier it can get at the top. What I mean by that is you need to find your safe space. Who do you lean on for support? Do you have a mentor? Who do you trust? If you do not have this space created for you in your life, make this a priority. You cannot do it alone. Know your tribe.

Challenges = Opportunities

I see all challenges as opportunities to think differently and learn something new. The most rewarding thing about my career is that I help manifest the dreams and goals for my clients, even those they thought were unachievable. I can influence another person to be at their best in their personal, professional and spiritual life. It’s awesome and very rewarding.

A future goal of mine is to complete my book and speak to the masses about building and radiating confidence in who you are. I want all women to feel comfortable in their skin.

Making Connections through IAW

I am just excited to be a part of this fantastic group! Seeing as I am new to IAW, I am looking forward to making excellent and strong connections with like-minded individuals. As they pour into me, I pray I will pour into them. My advice to other IAW members is others won’t know you unless you put yourself out there. Reach out and connect. Build relationships with others who are different; be bold and fearless!

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