Featured Member: Cynthia Martin Has a Passion For Healing and Empowering Women

Cynthia Martin is passionate about healing and empowering other women.

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The Journey

It was my two decades as a serial entrepreneur and personal development junkie searching for my true fit in the world, a lifelong passion and talent for empowering people to discover and achieve their full potential combined with a life-altering spiritual crisis that stemmed from a scary transition into motherhood that set me on this career path. That combination catapulted my journey out of the spiritual closet in the corporate world and into finding my hidden potential and purpose as a healing facilitator and empowerment mentor for change making trail blazers.

My company is Lumiere Energy Healing and I am CEO and Success Alignment Hypno-Coach. My area of expertise is removing subconscious success barriers and uncovering the hidden potential of women ready to make a significant impact in their personal and professional lives by aligning them with their unique success blueprint, which is their birthright. I integrate mind and body science with ancient healing arts to accelerate their results and achieve holistic wellness and success goals quickly.

Some of the therapies I use to tailor a customized approach for the individual’s needs include holistic bioenergy healing therapies; empowerment and success coaching; hypnotherapy, past life regression, life between lives; spiritual healing and mentoring and; Intuitive and Akashic business consulting. As you can see, my soul doctor’s bag is fully equipped to meet a variety of unique and individualized needs.

Be Fearless

My advice to women is to have the courage to be fearlessly authentic in all areas of life and especially in your professional life as impact driven change makers. Your unique, authentic voice is what the world needs to hear because you’re the only one who can reach those souls who are trying to find what you have to offer. Be outstanding in being Unapologetically YOU.

What I find most rewarding in my work is being able to blend the practical scientific-based application with the ancient healing traditions to the spiritual aspect of my work and seeing the incredible accelerated results of physical, mental and emotional healing that occurs in my clients’ results. Being able to facilitate holistic transformations that reflect tangible real-life results is supremely satisfying.

Into the Future

My future goals are to expand my heart-based service work online to reach larger audiences as well as into the Spanish-speaking market to support amazing women of all ages on the international front. I want to have the ability to reach as many heart-centered women who, like me, didn’t fully understand how to integrate their women’s intuition and spirituality into their everyday practical life and businesses devoid of the shame or fear of judgment. We are stronger together and the only way to rise is to lift our sisters to better horizons.

Support & Community

IAW has supported me in providing the one thing I know I/we need most as a business or professional woman: community. It takes great courage to declare an often-lonely path as a trailblazer, change-maker or impact driver, especially as a woman, so being surrounded by amazing women just like me keeps my soul spark lit and motivated.

To get the most out of your IAW membership, I urge members to participate, show up and connect with the sisterhood… it will make the journey far less daunting and far more enjoyable. You are in great company, and we get to show up, grow and rise together! Change is here, our time is NOW, and the world needs us so join in.

Giving Back One of my favorite things about the work I do is being able to get women on track and in alignment with their unique success blueprint. Who you’ve grown into now is not the same person you started out as and we don’t realize that our business needs to reflect the growth we’ve achieved. So, for my IAW sisters, I am offering a limited number of Success Alignment & Money Block Healing Consults at 50% off. This is a great way to look at the energy of your business and see if your message, marketing strategy and services are in alignment with the energy of your unique success blueprint. Message me to connect and schedule your 2019 Success Alignment Review Consultation.

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