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We all know that doctors take care of patients, but we don’t often think about the behind-the-scenes activities that make their offices run. Sharon Johnson does. As a healthcare management solutions consultant, she helps independent physicians optimize their workflows. This includes things like digitizing their processes, creating telemedicine workflows, and dealing with any revenue or billing concerns. “I am a strategist who is forthright, goal-oriented, and likes to make a significant impact by developing and optimizing process workflows to produce the desired results,” says Sharon. 

During the pandemic, Sharon was laid off by her previous employer. After working in healthcare for 15 years, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and started her business TRAYNE 51 Healthcare Management Consulting, LLC. “I feel like the pandemic is a launching board for women,” she says. “It’s like 2020 was an opportunity to reset.” After working in a variety of healthcare positions from front desk to analyst, she felt she could do it. “It’s kind of full circle in a way. I can offer the skills that I have because I’ve lived in a practice; I’ve managed a practice; I’ve interacted with providers; I’ve learned about health plan intricacies.” 

Some of the challenges of being a new business owner have been building the right processes, getting new clients, and developing a persoal brand. But the benefits have far outweighed the challenges for Sharon. “I can make my own schedule, build generational wealth, and pay it forward by supporting other business owners and non-profit organizations that make a positive impact in my community,” she says. Her advice to other women thinking of starting a business is to figure out their “why.” She also recommends getting the right team behind them, including an accountant, lawyer, financial planner, bookkeeper, and business coach or mentor. “I suggest taking the time to build the right ecosystems (network connections) that will help get you ‘in the room’ where possible clients exist,” she says. 

Being a former employee herself, she also has advice for women looking to climb the corporate ladder. She suggests networking with colleagues who will help foster your career. “Design your career path by building your credibility and reputation in the organization and align yourself with projects that will promote visibility to get you to the next level,” says Sharon. Her advice for other women entreprenuers is to “perform a six-month and annual review. After this exercise, identify and prioritize which of your processes needs improvement and provide value to your consumers.”

Joining IAW helped Sharon grow her business. She cites being able to connect with women virtually across the country and learn from them as an asset to her business. “The talent and remarkable women in IAW mean a lot to me because it is the sisterhood and friendships forged in the various chapters, in-person and virtually that genuinly support and encourage you to continue shaping into the best version. I feel empowered when I listen to the podcast or Herizon Insights when seeking answers or guidance from a network of experts,” she says.

Her favorite part of being an IAW member is the camaraderie among members and sharing ideas and solutions with other women. “I’ve gained a business coach through IAW and I’ve networked with other women who own businesses that are thriving. And the resources provided have allowed me to make progress in launching my business. It takes a village to help you stay focused when the tides turn,” she says. Sharon also volunteers as the IAW Philedalphia Local Chapter Member Ambassador and is ready to invite all new IAW members in the Philly area.

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  1. Jacqueline Jimenez

    If you’re in need of HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Sharon Johnson is a detailed researcher! You can’t pay that skill set. It comes from wanting to be the best and provide the best. Wish she could be DUPLICATED in every industry. Learn from her. Sharon Johnson an EXCEPTIONAL individual and proficient leader!!

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