Featured Member: Vickie Crockett

An unexpected twist of fate brought Vickie Crockett into education after a heartfelt conversation with her mentor. At the time, she was unemployed after five years of corporate work and knew it was time for a change. Then, her career path changed for life after she found immense joy as a middle school English teacher. 

“I entered the classroom that day in August with a JOB and left with a CALLING,” Vickie exclaimed. “Seeing the energy and excitement (and wrestling with the apathy and angst) birthed in me the conviction that quality education had to be available to ALL students. This conviction is the foundation of my work.”

Ten years after teaching in high-priority schools, Vickie began seeing a gap in learning experiences, enrichment opportunities, and representation for her students. “The disaffected feelings the students had about education made more and more sense as I saw how little of themselves they saw in the learning community. It launched my goal to promote greater cultural and educational equity for diverse learners to empower them to create the lives they desired instead of the ones dictated to them by inequitable social constructs.”

Thus, she launched TEACH Educational Consulting, LLC, transforming education by empowering schools and students through advanced systems, creative curricula, and heightened community relationships. Her business offers a variety of programs for teachers, students, and their community. For instance, one program, LEAD, is a student leadership curriculum that teaches students critical reasoning skills through local and global service projects.

Despite her work shifting in a new direction, Vickie loves watching her students grow. “My greatest reward for my work is absolutely my students. Watching them grow, develop, and gain confidence is the air I breathe,” she said. 

And it is this love for her students that drives her to pursue education for all. “In the climate in which we find ourselves, the concept of liberty and justice for all was overthrown in the face of narrow, individualized interests,” Vickie said. “Weeding out the idea that gains for some is loss for others is an essential but exhausting part of this work.”

Her future goal for the business is to build a global repository of culturally inclusive instructional practices that allow teachers to serve their learners and launch a network of educational equity champions to reshape policy around instructional practices and the science of learning. Vickie advises other women in the education industry “to lean into their communities to build a more dynamic and positive narrative for all. The power to go good rests firmly with us. We must embrace our power and help create a world where all can thrive. Use your diversity to create unity.”

One of the communities that Vickie leaned on was the International Association of Women. When she joined, Vickie initially wanted to be everywhere, doing everything for her business. Yet, the pandemic hit in 2020, and she learned things couldn’t be what she imagined. It was IAW who helped coach her through automation and passive income. 

“IAW was foundational in orchestrating my pivot. In conjunction with the business tools was the social and emotional support to help me continue working when I fell behind. This community helped me believe I WOULD when I wondered if I COULD. The team at IAW works relentlessly to bring services to women and is one of the most authentic organizations I have ever been part of. If you are determined to succeed as a woman entrepreneur (or as a person!), IAW has all the systems to help you. I believe in this community, which is of profound importance to me. Join!”

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