The Importance of Live Video on Your Social Media Channels

Tanya Memme is an award-winning television host and has launched a program called “Be Your Brand” Video Performance Mastery. Tanya joined us for eCoaching in September 2019 and shared elements of her video performance mastery program. 

Live Video on Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has changed the way we consume content and learn about brands and products. Video has become the “king” of content, and research shows that brands that incorporate video into their social media strategy reach a larger audience. 

Recently, we’ve seen the development of live video in social media and have found that live video is even more powerful than prerecorded video. These videos allow you to reach your audience in real time and offers the audience the chance to participate through comments. 

Getting Comfortable with Going Live
If the idea of being on video – and live where no editing can occur – terrifies you, you’re not alone. Tanya demonstrated how effective it can be to go live with no script and in less-than-perfect conditions (she was out for a hike, still wearing the previous night’s makeup!). 

It does help to have a general idea of what you will share once live, but don’t be too scripted, as you don’t want to appear nervous or as if you’re just reading a list of items. You may want to practice being on camera by recording a sample video on your smartphone first. 

When and Where to Go Live

Here are a few examples that might help you know when to go live:

  • Offer sneak peaks of your product manufacturing process – people love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Tanya will often livestream while on set, showing a glimpse of what goes on before she goes on air.
  • Utilize live features to stream content from your events. Provide people with perspective on the look and feel of your events while delivering content for them to consume. Be sure to offer something relevant so that they stay tuned in! 
  • Schedule an “ask me anything” session with your audience. Notify your audience through all communication platforms (social media, email, text, etc.)  of the time that you will be live,then be online and available to engage with your audience. This can work well if you are a subject matter expert and have resources and advice to share with your audience. 

Lighting and Equipment for Recording Live Video

Technology has improved drastically and you can now achieve decent video by simply using your smartphone. However, if you want equipment to help improve the experience, Tanya recommends the following:

A selfie stick can help you capture video from a better angle but can be difficult to hold for longer videos. A tripod can achieve the same effect without any strain on your arm. Or you can find a combination product that can act as both.

A selfie ring  a tripod for your phone combined with lighting to help enhance your video quality. 

A microphone can help improve the audio of your video, but Tanya also suggests Apple AirPods for the same effect. 

Finally, a smartphone stabilizer is a great way to remove shakiness from your video. 

During eCoaching, Tanya offered some great tips about getting comfortable on video, improving the quality of your videos, and improving your engagement on social media. If you missed this eCoaching session with Tanya Memme or want to watch it again, you can view the replay here.

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