Featured Member Marcela Kane Understands the Value Of Workplace Diversity

As a Latin American woman in the United States workforce, Marcela Kane understands the value of workplace diversity.

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Getting Started
I was born and raised in Latin America and that is where I began my career as a tax professional. I have more than 15 years of experience and  my current role is Director of Global Tax Accounting at Halliburton in Houston, TX.

My experience is extensive. In my role, I provide advice on technical and operational tax, and research and analysis of complex tax issues. My areas of expertise include US GAAP accounting for income taxes; tax provision process and analytics; U.S. taxation of non-U.S. operations; non-U.S. taxes; tax risk management; uncertain tax positions/FIN 48; foreign currency and Tax Planning. My varied responsibilities include extensive interactions with international entities, foreign team coordination, consolidation, SEC reporting and tax management and the opportunity to interact with multiple cultures.

Workplace Diversity
I totally understand the value of workplace diversity. After all, I am a Latin American woman working in the U.S. I am a strong supporter of the role of women in the professional workplace and am passionate about diversity in corporate America.

When starting my career, all I wanted was for someone to take a chance on me. Working for a multinational oil and gas service company, I was given the opportunity to take on as much work as I wanted and learn every aspect of the company. I have managed to work in every area of tax—federal, international, accounting for income tax, planning and technology. It was through that experience that I came to understand that workplace diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnicity, age, tenure, organizational function, education, personality, background and more. It might sound simple, but even the best organizations require regularly updated plans to maintain a diverse workplace.

The Importance of Mentoring
In supporting workplace diversity, I have mentored several associates, providing them with the confidence and guidance they need to succeed. My ongoing goals include continue to partner in mentor/mentee relationships where you find people willing to be honest and candid about their experiences. This increases the benefit of the relationship for all parties, as it allows for critical feedback. I am a believer that mentor/mentee relationships should be mutually beneficial for all parties, each committed to the relationship by choice. With goal collaboration, mentors and mentees can help each other benefit in a collaborative manner. If one party does not feel that the relationship is beneficial, the ability to be honest should allow the issue to be addressed.

Look to Others for Guidance
As an IAW member, I’m excited about finding a network of driven women who have common goals and positive thinking, women who will help me as I strive to reach the next level and provide guidance on how to continue to achieve work/life balance.

My advice for other members is to find a mentor! Good mentors can do enormous amounts for women in the workplace. Not only can they provide the benefits of their experience, making female leaders more capable of taking on some of the challenges that they will face, but mentors can also go to bat for their protégés in board meetings and other areas of the company, helping them to get noticed and advance in their careers.

My Favorite Quote
“I don’t make long-term plans. I make short-term goals. My life is proof that you never know what can happen.” – Katie Lee, Food & Lifestyle Expert

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