Featured Member: Marsha Feldman

An IT professional who has worked for the government for more than 20 years, Marsha Feldman has many other roles, including brand ambassador, Ms. United States and President of IAW’s Aventura Chapter.

Starting Out

I have been in the government industry for 23 years, ever since I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business from Cleveland State University. I started in government on a paid internship at the US Postal Service in the field of information technology (IT), which was my major field of study.

Soon after I graduated, an opening was available at the US Court in Cleveland. I believe I was offered this job because of the similarities in the work and systems used at both Federal agencies. I essentially followed on opportunities I was faced with in my life’s path. I didn’t know anyone from either agency when I applied for either job, but I do commend my college’s internship program for providing me several employment opportunities that built personal growth and experience.

Technology and Beyond

I work in IT. In school, I learned a lot of computer programming languages and operating systems. This then expanded to hardware and software troubleshooting and repair through on-the-job experience. I am currently an IT supervisor and manage the Federal Courts Case Management system in Miami, which is one of the largest Districts in the United States.

On the side, I work on my own personal website, create ads for myself and others, and create pages using Microsoft Office products. I plan to retire young in the US Courts system with full benefits and do more personal and promotional work for myself and others.

I advise everyone to take on challenges and opportunities that show up during one’s life’s path. Meeting people, participating at events and working with others all expand and lead to greater opportunities. Also, do not ever think you are too old to try something new because you will be surprised by all the things you can do when you act upon those opportunities.

Turning Heads

The most rewarding part of my career other than the obvious ones of pay and benefits, is the place where I actually work. I turn people’s heads when I tell them I work at the Federal Courthouse in Miami in the field of IT. It is a prestigious place to work and I work with the finest attorneys, clerk’s office staff and judges on a daily basis.

One challenging reality is the field of IT itself because it is a must to be on top of the latest and greatest technologies to stay ahead. Another challenging factor is I have worked in the Federal government for so long, I am at a point where I can’t quit until I am eligible to retire, which is in about five years.

I have other opportunities I want to act on now, but I am too close to retirement, so I can only take on smaller opportunities at this time. My future plan is to retire with the Federal government and then continue to pursue the personal endeavors I find more rewarding and educational, such as modeling companies’ brands, working with charities, personal IT work and staying active in my community.

IAW’s Impact

The ladies of IAW have inspired me to participate in many of the new things I have done within the past four years, including modeling, participating in pageants and writing articles for magazines. As President of the Aventura Chapter, I have also seen and have been made more aware of places and businesses in my community that I never would have found out about on my own. I have also learned so much from our event speakers who work in many different industries and fields. Their advice and tips have enhanced my life.

The best advice I have for our members is to attend meetings and get to know the fine ladies in your community. Our Chapter hosts meetings at different businesses in the community who are wanting the publicity. It brings people into their doors and creates connections for possible business opportunities for all.

In my opinion, our events and meetings are the biggest advantage of their IAW membership. I believe another important benefit to take advantage of is participating in the online ZOOM conferences available every month on various helpful topics led by other IAW members around the country.

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