Featured Member: Nkiru Asika

Using My Expertise

I come from a background of 25 years in journalism, TV production, strategic communications and training. I am a Strategist, Copywriter and Coach and use my expertise in brand messaging, brand story, sales and marketing copy, and coaching to help women build their brand authority. I also represent Rethink Press, a top UK hybrid business publisher as a Commissioning Editor so I market our book coaching and publishing services to entrepreneurs – nothing sells you like a book!

Getting Down to Basics

I believe it is important to focus on getting clear on the fundamentals of your brand: who you are, who you serve, your brand message, your unique vision, values, and process. Nail these down before diving too deep into marketing. Your marketing will not yield the results you want if your brand fundamentals and messaging are not clear.

I love helping clients create businesses that are in full alignment with who they are and help them develop the strategy and confidence to meet their goals, make more money and have more impact. I love meeting new people and I offer free strategy sessions to talk through your messaging and marketing problems.

A Special Invitation to IAW Members

I am just feeling my way around IAW, but the organization offers so much value and I look forward to meeting more members. I encourage all members to take advantage of all the great perks and events. Be sure to introduce IAW to your network!

On March 3rd-6th, I will be hosting Women Building Authority LIVE!, a virtual summit. I am happy to offer discount tickets to IAW members. During this exciting four-day event, 17 women business and marketing experts will share their best strategies to help you get seen, get heard and get paid. I also have an online course and a group coaching program in the works. Visit my website for more information about how I can support your business.

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